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Dance and Fitness Artist


Fit-Camp'   …Weekly Meet's available. 

An Open-Air 90 minute Combination of Fat burning, Core, Full Body Sculpt & Ab Shredder. (Diana Hex Signature Style) 

Movements are simplified and technique is enforced. Fun is inevitable!!!

* You’ll learn everything that you need to know to get fit for a lifetime. *

  • Custom Meal Plan
  • 60-Day Fitness Success Journal
  • Custom Workout Prescription
  • Before and After Photo

8 Weekly Meet's:



Per Weekly Meet     $28

Custom Meal / Food plan & Workout Prescription       $399

Diana Hex 60-Day Success Journal' (Fit-Camp Accompaniment)   $40

All for $467

      Mommies get your Sexy back!

** Childcare available (reservation required) [$10 per Child, 1/2 off add'l]

+Everyone’s welcome ... Single Day Camp!

Per class is $30

Food plan is $500

Personal Shopping is $500

Master your physical and Gain Valuable knowledge!

Fitness Assessments must be administered Prior to the Start of Fit-Camp Day 1! Please take the time to fill out information packet (Inquire). Please call to set up your analysis @ 424-242-BFit. Availability is flexible. (Can be done Online)

 Click on Web Store to Join Fit-Camp, see more options & Checkout.

I started working out with Diana first through her fit camp and then doing individual training. Within the year she has completely changed my life and transformed my body. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how toned I am and how healthy I look. I have so much more confidence in the way I look and the things I can challenge myself to do.


On a recent vacation I was hiking with my dad and his girlfriend and I noticed a huge difference in my stamina and strength. At one point we had to climb up a steep hill using a rope to pull us up. I watched at the bottom for about 10 minutes while everyone struggled to climb up. When my turn came I was able to effortlessly bound up the hill in about 30 seconds. Everyone was shocked, myself included. A year ago I couldn’t have done that, but after working out with Diana I was able to.

Thank you!


    Diana Hex Fit-Camp participants have lost hundreds combined! 

What if you can ...Feel Great

                                   ...Look Better

                                                   & Know...

You're doing what's best for your Body!!!


I have observed Fit-Camp participants actively get stronger, lose weight, inches, stress less and gain better overall well-being! My Fit-Camp 7 system is designed to help more people gain focus and achieve Great Success. 

Here's how the Journey works:


* A 90 min weekly workout (Fit-Camp Style)


* A 60 day success journal


                   -Diana Hex 60 day Success Journal includes a full 60 day process.  This journal includes the details that you need to define your fitness outcome, gives you a clear path and ultimately Empowers you to complete the process.


*Custom created Personal Fitness tools


*Fitness secrets (The simplicity of knowledge)


In Essence, Thank you,

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